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Thinking well, living well - part 1

Our brains are amazing things. I think we often take them for granted. We know we need to try to look after our heart and lungs, for example, to keep healthy and well. Well, we need to look after our brains too. They underpin everything. To think well, make good decisions, feel motivated and feel good about ourselves, our brains need to be functioning well. So it makes sense to give that a bit of thought and attention, which is what this series of blog posts is all about. Some of it you may already be aware of. Some of it may be new to you. Take what you need to support yourself to think and live well.

Enrich your life to boost your brain power

The more connections we have in our brains, the quicker and easier it is for us to get things done, solve problems and learn things. It enables us to be more flexible and creative – there are more routes and options in our thinking. Doing a variety of things we enjoy, socially and physically, helps to generate these connections. Sometimes, when we feel overwhelmed, we may think we don’t have time to see friends or go and do something fun. Actually it would really help our brains, our thinking and our problem solving if we did. Don’t feel guilty about it - boost your brain power by planning in things you love. This is becoming so much easier as we ease out of lockdown. I have found my thinking more sluggish at times over the last year or so. I guess that would fit with this idea – there have been such reduced opportunities to see people, visit places and do new things. I look forward to sharper thinking in the months ahead 😊.

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