What Others Say

Julia asked just the right questions at the right time to help me remove the clutter in my mind which was blocking me from making some crucial professional decisions.

Julia used some great tools and techniques which helped not only consider my own motivations but also enabled me to prioritise and structure my thinking.  In just six sessions with Julia I went from unfocused and blurred to clear focus and purpose.


I will definitely invest some time with Julia again in the future.

After my session with Julia I feel refreshed and excited to start moving my business forward. I was stuck and struggling to decide who I wanted to work with and fighting with balancing my business with other work. Julia's thoughtful questioning lead me to making solid decisions and helped find the right focus for me. She has helped me find great foundations to build on.

My coaching sessions with Julia have been really powerful in my own personal development, from a professional point of view and helped me find my own solutions to issues around my working life that have become stagnated over the past few months (and dare I say years!).  I feel that I've moved on with important issues and this has given me more confidence in my own skills and has also benefited the organisation that I work for.  I've had plenty of opportunity to talk these through within our sessions in an open and supportive manner.  Julia is an excellent coach and I would not hesitate in recommending her service.

From just knowing that something wasn’t right, to achieving a sense of clarity and being in control is the best way I can describe how Julia helped me.  I had just started a new job, a relationship had come to an end and a number of other changes had left me with a lack of direction, and struggling to focus on my priorities.


Julia was able to break down what seemed like a myriad of issues into manageable chunks, whilst helping me appreciate the underlying personal traits within me that were contributing to those issues.  By focusing on some specific objectives, Julia was able to challenge how I had traditionally dealt with things using techniques that gave me the tools to change my approach.  Once I had dealt with some of my most pressing concerns, it was amazing to see just how these tools could be used in other aspects of my life.

Recently my husband and I had reached a significant crossroads.  We had some pretty huge life decisions to make about our jobs, family home and schools for our children.  I was completely overwhelmed and being an organised control freak, I was on very unfamiliar territory.  I agonised over making the wrong decision or worse making no decision at all.  Working with Julia really enabled me to unpick the hugeness of it all!  The sessions gave me significant, focussed time and space to work through how I was going to move forward.  I highly recommend Julia’s coaching services, her wisdom, calm and clear approach really makes a difference. 

The most helpful thing has been being able to formulate my thoughts and verbalise my feelings without being judged or influenced.  You have summarised what I have said succinctly and made sense of what had sometimes been a jumble in my head.  The relief of talking and working things out all at the same time has been enormous.  You have sparked thought processes that have allowed me to work things out for myself and feel better about myself.  I couldn’t even be bothered to think before.  It all seemed too overwhelming.  Having a focus for discussion instead of a moan with friends has been so beneficial.  A moan is great, but doesn’t help you to make that next step. 

Julia’s coaching has enabled me to make massive decisions, to take down barriers and to have confidence in my own abilities.

Made sure I had clear goals and talked me through the barriers to not doing it – made me really think about options and what I needed to do.  Challenged me! Helped me put time frames around things to ensure I don’t bury my head but deal with things.

"It's given me my life back."


"Thank you.  You don't know what you've done.  I can't put it into words." 

"I want to say a big Thank you! to you.  My new job is the result of your work.  You supported me and helped me believe that I could still achieve something in my life.  I wish you good luck with your work so that you could help other people realise their dreams. 


I think what you do is so important, and people should know that they can find a solution when everything seems to go wrong."