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The power of nudging forwards

There is a limit to what many of us can do at the moment. It can be challenging to achieve the goals we’ve set ourselves or do the things we want or need to do. This can be frustrating, demoralising and stressful.

It can be helpful to acknowledge and accept this. It helps to accept that there are some things we cannot control, and that however much we don’t like them, we can do nothing to change them. It can be a relief to accept this and let them go, along with the churning thoughts and emotions that go with them. It releases a lot of time, energy and headspace.

What we can do is choose how we respond to things. Part of that choice can be to focus on the things we can do, or we can do something about. We are never powerless. There is always something we can do or something we can influence.

I find it helps to choose one small thing that I can do to keep things moving forward in different areas of my life. It can be something that only takes 5 minutes, because that might be all the time I have at the moment, but doing it means I know I have done something positive. I think of it as nudging things forwards. Achieving those little things gives me a shot of positive mood-boosting brain chemicals and energy. That in turn also helps with creative thinking and problem solving, all of which helps both me and all those around me.

We just have to do what we can to get through this.

You are doing the best you can. Things will get better. It will be okay.

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