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The end is in sight

We have a glimpse of the end of lockdown in England today, following the announcement of Boris’s ‘roadmap’ yesterday. Nothing about the roadmap is certain and fixed (but then what is, when you think about it? Only death and taxes, I believe is the correct answer.) But it does give us an idea of what will happen around about when, and that gives us things to dream and hope about. Those dreams and hopes are really important and valuable. What are you most looking forward to being able to do? How will that make you feel? Just thinking about it and knowing it is on its way can make us feel so much better.

You may also be feeling a bit anxious about the whole idea of lockdown ending.

And you may be feeling both excitement and anxiety at the same time. It’s all entirely normal.

A someone said on the radio yesterday, if we are feeling a bit anxious about things opening up, we can create our own roadmap and take things at the pace that feels right for us, once we are able to go places and do more things. There is no obligation to start doing things again because you can or because other people are. You can choose to do what feels right for you at the pace that is right for you.

If you are concerned about the end of lockdown, it can also be helpful to think what you have gained from it. What are the aspects that you have enjoyed or have been beneficial to you? How could you build those into your own personal roadmap for the release of lockdown? What do you want to keep? What have you found is important for you? You might also like to think about how to make the most of it while it lasts – what would you like to make the most of, while you still have the chance?

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