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Taking control

We are living in extraordinary times. It can be difficult to take in what is going on, it all seems so surreal. Not just in relation to the pandemic, but also crazy weather events, like Madrid being gridlocked by heavy snowfall, and the unprecedented events in the USA. The world feels very unstable and unpredictable.

One way to help deal with all this uncertainty and support ourselves to handle the constant churn, change and craziness is to develop a daily routine. Having the same things happening at the same time each day gives us a greater sense of control, which boosts how we are feeling and what we are able to do.

Go easy on yourself though – we have to rework those routines as things change. In my house, we are currently working out a new daily routine to support us all with home-schooling. It takes a bit of experimenting to get it right. We are focusing on exercise at the moment – trying to build in regular short bursts of activity through the day, which will give us structure and health benefits at the same time.

What would be a good starting point for you? What one thing could you schedule to support yourself? Start small, and build up gradually 😊

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