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Lockdown 2 Resilience Tips - Day 7

Remembrance Day. A reminder that we have faced dark times before. That we can pull together. That we will get through somehow. And to be so grateful for those who are no longer with us. They will not be forgotten.

It is a reminder also to be grateful for the things we do have and the things we can still do and enjoy.

Our brains have a natural negativity bias – we pay a lot of attention to the bad stuff. It is part of our crucial survival mechanisms. But in today’s world, where we face far less immediate risks to life than we did when we first evolved, this negativity bias can be unhelpful in terms of how we feel and how we behave. So, take some time to focus on the positives. Our brains tend to not naturally do this, unless we work on it. Maybe set a reminder to do so – to think of something good that has happened. To be grateful for something – which could be a small as a lovely, warm cup of tea. This will help to build a constructive habit of supporting your wellbeing by savouring what is good.

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