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Lockdown 2 Resilience Tips - Day 27

So, we have reached the final day of the second national lockdown in England!! A day earlier than I was expecting! Hurray!!

Even though we are not back to anything like we want to be, it is an improvement, and we will have a bit more freedom than we have had for the last 4 weeks.

My suggestion for today is to focus on the things you can do, rather than the ones you can’t. I for one am very pleased that I will now be able to get my hair cut and go for a swim. There are plenty of other things I would love to do, but focusing on those when they are not possible would be a waste of my precious time and energy and could make me feel pretty miserable. Focusing on the things we can do helps us to keep more positive, creative, resourceful and resilient.

Maybe have a review of the last four weeks and of the different things you have tried to support yourself and those around you. What has been helpful? What could you do more of? What else would you like to try out? There is often more that we can control or influence than we first think. You may find you want to carry on some things all the time, not just during lockdown. Resilience is a powerful asset to have at all times. Do feel free to get in touch if you would like some one-to-one support. All the very best 😊

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