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Lockdown 2 Resilience Tips - Day 18

It has taken me years to realise that you do not have to be ruled by your thoughts and emotions. It is your mind and you can choose what you want it to focus on and take notice of.

Thoughts and emotions are not facts. Some of them are really helpful. Some are decidedly not.

If you notice that what you are thinking or feeling or how you are talking to yourself (or others) is not helpful, notice it, maybe name it (e.g. ‘oh, I’m feeling anxious’) and then distract yourself.

One way to do this and get out of your head for a while is to use the five senses exercise. Notice 5 things you can see; 4 things you can touch/feel; 3 things you can hear; 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. I find it also helps to then go and do something practical and constructive – maybe clean something or take the dog for a walk. And if the unhelpful thoughts return, distract yourself again 😊

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