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Lockdown 2 Resilience Tips - Day 13

We had the good news yesterday that another vaccine trial is looking really promising. Fabulous work is being done around the world to get this pandemic under control.

My tip for today to help us through is to smile 😊. It is an amazing thing that if we smile, even when we don’t actually feel like smiling, it tricks our brain into thinking something good is going on. That creates a cascade of positive chemicals which lift our mood, energise us and very helpfully, especially at this time, boost our immunity.

Smiling is also infectious. If we smile, other people are likely to as well, and even if they don’t, just seeing us smile will give them a bit of a boost. And all for free! And so easy to do.

So, next time you notice it would be good to shift your mood or your energy, give it a go. Or you could be proactive and set up reminders throughout the day to smile. Try it and notice what happens 😊

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