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Living in uncertain times

There is no doubt we are all currently having to deal with more uncertainty than usual and that it is affecting all areas of our lives.

This is creating additional stress, whatever our individual experience of the pandemic.

We therefore need to be mindful of how this is impacting us and take action to reduce the impact as necessary.

There is a lot that we have no control over and that is hard.

But we do have choices around how we respond to the situation. We can think about how best to respond to maximise our wellbeing and resourcefulness. That way we will both feel better and be able to think more clearly and make better decisions.

A few practical ideas for starters:

We will naturally tend to worry about what is not working or going the way we want it to. This can give us an overly negative perspective and may cause our mood to spiral downwards. This in turn will limit our ability to see options, choices and opportunities.

We need to notice when we are doing this and then take action to counter it.

One way of doing is to deliberately notice what is going well, what you do appreciate. A tried and tested method is to keep a daily ‘gratitude journal’ noting three things you are grateful for each day. Try to make them different every day. They don’t have to be big things. It could be a comfortable bed; a smile from a stranger; a chat with a friend.

The current situation can feel very destabilising. So much that we used to take for granted is no longer possible, or not in the way it used to be, and this can be distressing.

One way to counter this is to ask yourself what has not changed? What is still the same? There may be more continuity than you realise. An awareness of this will help reduce anxiety.

Another useful strategy is to develop new routines to provide a greater sense of stability and security. What new routines could you develop to give structure and predictability? To support yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally? What is possible? What are you missing right now and how could you add that in? What is the smallest change you could make right now to make a positive difference?

Finally, remember to give yourself a break from the whole situation frequently and regularly. Do things you enjoy doing. Do things that absorb you, so you cannot think of anything else. Have a break from the news and social media. Build these breaks into your routine.

Also, have some ‘emergency mini-breaks’ up your sleeve for those times when it all seems too much. It could be stepping outside for a few minutes; listening to a piece of music; doing some deep breathing. It’s all about soothing and calming ourselves. This supports resilience, wellbeing and being the best that we can be in these uncertain times, for us and for those around us.

There is so much more to explore in this area. Do feel free to contact me if you would welcome the opportunity of a calm space for clear thinking. I am currently working via Zoom and also offer outdoor walking coaching. Feel free to call me on 07708 034395 or to email me at I offer an initial no-obligation, no-cost discovery session.



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