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How would you like to be?

Sometimes, rather than focusing on what we want to do, it can be useful to think about how we want to be.

What are the qualities or strengths that you would like to bring to the current situation?

  • How would you like to be for yourself?

  • How would you like to be for those around you?

We have all faced difficult times before. Think back to those times. What was it that helped you through? It could be anything – for example, humour, persistence, flexibility, reassurance. What other qualities do you think might help you now?

Think of someone you know who has those qualities. Ask yourself what they would do/how they would behave when faced with what you are facing.

Imagine yourself in 5 or 10 years’ time, looking back on this challenge. How would you like to remember yourself as being? What would make you feel proud?

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