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How to spring clean your life

Isn’t it lovely to see the days getting so much longer? To see flowers and blossom blooming and leaves starting to unfurl. To hear more birdsong. To feel a bit more warmth in the air.

And this weekend the clocks move on to British Summer Time, so the evenings will be even lighter.

The transition from the dark of winter to spring seems even more special this year, after the particularly tough winter we have all had.

The increase in light and new growth often spurs us to get on with a bit of freshening-up and spring cleaning around our homes and gardens.

We can also use this time of extra energy and optimism to have a look at spring cleaning our lives in general and how we are using our precious time.

Start by asking yourself three key questions:

· What is really important to you?

· What makes your heart sing?

· When are you at your best? That is, doing something really well, feeling great doing it, and making a positive contribution to someone or something?

Having thought about those questions, now for the cleaning!

What clutters up your time? What do you need to stop doing to make space in your life for the good stuff, the important stuff? What do you need to do less of?

Having cleared that space, what would you like to start doing? Or do more of?

How could you make this happen? What or who could help you?

How will you feel if you do it?

Use that feeling to spur you on to make some changes and bring a burst of spring sunshine and growth into your life.

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