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Beware you inner saboteurs!

We all have inner saboteurs, our internal enemies. They are a part of the human condition. They are automatic, habitual mind-patterns, beliefs and assumptions. They say things to us like, “You’re useless!”; “Why are you even bothering?”; “No-one likes you!” “Everyone will laugh at you”; “It won’t work” etc. etc. etc. Not at all pleasant! They generate only negative emotions.

They arise from the ‘survival’ part of our brain, so they are trying to keep us safe. But, once we have registered their initial warning that something might be wrong or dangerous, which can be vital information, continuing to listen to them is destructive. They will keep us alive but will not allow us to thrive. They will stop us pursuing things that are important to us. They will drive us to do things for the wrong reasons.

So, if you want to feel fulfilled, positive and capable, you need to keep them in check. You need to take charge of them rather than let them be in charge of you.

Luckily, we have an inner friend too. And luckily we can create new, constructive mind-patterns and unearth and change unhelpful beliefs and assumptions.

More on that next time. For now, a great start is to discover your saboteurs. Shirzad Chamine, author of 'Positive Intelligence', has conducted a lot of work in this area. He devised this self-assessment test to discover your saboteurs. The first step to manage them is notice them in action.

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