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Easy ways to improve your life

Sometimes we think we need to make massive changes in our lives to improve things.

Sometimes that can be a real barrier to getting started, so we do nothing.

Or we start and find it all too much, give up and then beat ourselves up for ‘failing’.

That can be the story of many a January….

A better alternative can be to start small. What one small thing could you do that would make a big difference in your life if you did it regularly? Small things, done consistently, can have hugely beneficial impacts. And they don’t take too much effort, so can be much easier to start doing and keep doing.

It could be sitting down once a week with your diary to see what’s coming up, what you need to do and planning when you will do things. That way you have fewer unexpected events and crises, and remove the worry of what you might have missed or forgotten.

It could be going for a walk at lunchtime, getting some fresh air and daylight, plus some rest and a bit of perspective.

It could be turning off your phone and going to bed a bit earlier.

It could be reading for 10 minutes a day.

It could be feeding the birds every morning, so that you notice what is around you and start the day with a generous and positive action.

A good starting point for other ideas is the "Five ways to well-being". This is the outcome of a review of global research by the New Economics Foundation into what has been proven to work to improve well-being. Small improvements in well-being can help us flourish. The five ways are:

Connect maybe meet someone for coffee instead of messaging them

Be active find some exercise you enjoy – it could be dancing round the kitchen

Take Notice what can you see, hear and feel right now?

Keep learning try something new – a new language, art, sport, cookery?

Give your time, a smile, a compliment

More suggestions can be found here.

Some things you might choose to do can cover more than one of these five areas. For example, that lunchtime walk contributes to being active; plus you might take the chance to notice what you see, hear and feel as you walk; and you might talk to people you meet, or walk with a friend to connect.

Small actions add up to big results. Why not pick one thing that resonates with you and see what impact it has? I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Please do get in touch if you would like some support to find the right way forward for you. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to call me on 07708 034395 or to email me at I offer an initial no-obligation, no-cost discovery session.

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